Alan Wood

A nice selection of Alan's very early work from a collector who has supported Alan from the very beginning.

Blued D2 Engraved Mark year 93                                           £495

Randall inspired design comes with two sheaths (one not by Alan) and the original design sheet dated and signed 1991                          £595

Fisherman Hunter, England logo, 12C27 yellow micarta handle.  £495

Sentinel with yellow micarta.                                                    £550

Bones Knives

An up and coming Cornish maker who isn't afraid to step outside the box.  His designs are eclectic and his leather work is well thought out as well as robust.  Getting a reputation as the go to maker for large Bowies.

Walnut and O1                                                                                                                         £165


Stuart Mitchell. Ltd edition stainless steel anniversary knife     £250

Guy Stainthorp. neck knife                                                     £175

White Tiger Knives.                                                             £450