Randall Made Knives (RMK) are a true icon in the world of knives, founded in 1938 by W.D (Bo) Randall, they are sometimes quoted as being the original custom knife. The story goes that Bo was holidaying by Wallon Lake, Michigan when he came across an acquaintance scraping the hull of a boat with a knife. Bo recognised a quality tool and the abuse it was being given and offered to buy it. He did and the knife turned out to be by knife smith William Scagel.

Randall liked the knife so much he decided to make one himself but after he ended up selling it, and the ones made after that, he started a small hobby business forging knives. It wasn't till 1943 that the Randall knife became famous, mainly down to Randall's military designs which became sought after by American troops in WW2, and many other wars since. And so a legend was born and still today Randall knives are sought after by soldiers, hunters, outdoor folk and collectors the world over. Still made in the same way that Bo did back in the thirties by a small team of knifemakers overseen by his grandchildren.

Randall knives are mostly hand forged from O1 tool steel (carbon) or 440A (stainless) and hand assembled and finished in Orlando, Florida. Due to this fact and the huge amount of customisation variables no two Randall knives are identical and currently have a five year waiting list.

Because of this history and quality RMK knives have become extremely collectable with many dedicated websites and books available to peruse. Whilst not overly popular in the UK I myself have developed a love for Randall Knives and so have an extensive collection which I will sell and trade and I hope I can help you catch the Randall bug too!

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