Douglass Lighters was a legendary product that was born in 1926 in the U.S.A.
However, they disappeared with the introduction of the era of mass production and mass consumption.
We faithfully brought it back into existence using Japanese technology and Japanese craftsmen in the modern age.



£25  (Back in stock early 2023)



All MARVELOUS are hand-made by Japanese skilled craftsmen in Japan.
They have oil tanks that are common on all MARVELOUS models.
This model is unique and has a classical design which come in various kinds of ignition systems.


Douglass Field S

These are now discontinued and I have a  very few left in stock.  A new updated/improved version will be with me in early 2023 only one style will be produced in Duralumin.

This handcrafted Field Lighter from Douglass is different than your standard mass production lighters. High precision and expertly crafted with an eye to detail, this lighter features a waterproof case. Fashioned from solid brass, it has a water-tight mechanism that when you lift up the screw-in lock and tighten, it completely seals up the ignition and the flint wheel. The lighter is designed to be safely used even when it is slightly wet.

An additional feature of the Douglass Field Light is a threaded cap at the base of the tank with a small storage capacity for emergency reserve fuel. The cap is sealed with yet another cap that unscrews to reveal a spare flint rod!

Chrome £95
Diamond Cut 1 (fluted) £110