In December 1990 the RKS had grown to 850 members and Rhett with the full cooperation of Gary Randall was able to offer a specially designed "Club Knife" to members. The first club "Fighter" knife in carbon steel was offered with either stag or black Micarta handles and came with a sheath stamped with the RKS logo on the back.. The grind proved to be very popular and the knife eventually became the "Combat Companion" which is still offered by RMK in their non-catalogue insert. 564 Stag handled and 436 Micarta handled club knives were made for a total of 1,000 knives. As with all the club knives that followed each knife's blade was etched with a serial number, and the member had the choice of having his/her membership number etched as well.

RKS-1 Carbon steel, brass double hilt, black micarta handle with a brass coolie cap, black and brass spacers                                 £650

In May of 1994 RKS members were offered another opportunity to order a new club knife, also with a similar choice of handles but with a stainless blade. This time the RKS logo was stamped on the front of the no-hone pocket sheaths. This grind is now the "GTR", named after Gary T. Randall and can still be ordered as a non-catalogue knife. A total of 636 club knives, comprised of 298 stag and 338 Micarta handled were produced.

RKS-2 Stainless steel, brass single hilt, black micarta with RKS inlay, nickel silver butt cap, black and silver spacers                          £625

Credit for RKS knife info to "Moosehead" @ follow the link for more info.